Capital Group’s Mission Support Group Helps the FAA Manage a “Perennial” Notice to Air Mission (NOTAM) Challenge

September 2023

Capital Group’s Mission Support Group (MSG) is a center of excellence that partners with customers to execute operational and mission support tasks.  According to MSG Director Jim Hasemann, “A core tenet of our group is to meet or exceed the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the assigned role, and through the application of technology and best management practices, we work to improve and optimize the processes we support.”

Recently, the MSG assisted FAA’s Flight Service Directorate to identify, evaluate, and cancel, permanent (without expiration date) NOTAMs that were outdated.  MSG project lead Dave Christy explained, “The data in these NOTAMs is intended for permanent publication in aeronautical charts and publications, but sometimes persist in the system beyond the expected norm. So, it’s an important endeavor to ensure NOTAMs are removed from publication as soon as possible after they become unnecessary.  At that point these NOTAMs are just adding to pilot workload and serve no value.”

A key step in the Permanent (PERM) NOTAM monitoring activity was a time-consuming manual process to cleanse and transform a complex report generated from the Federal NOTAM System. It required many hours of meticulous work to ensure the report was ready for distribution. The MSG team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the underlying manual steps and designed an architecture that automated the process. Our efforts resulted in a rules-based processing engine that reduced the distribution time from several hours to under a minute, while also increasing quality, and providing complete traceability of all modifications.  

As Mr. Christy explained, "There are a myriad of automation capabilities already deployed in our customer organizations. Knowing how to unlock their capabilities is what we specialize in. We call these micro-applications: quickly constructed using the building blocks already procured and deployed in your IT environments.”

Greg Yuhasz, the FAA customer, is equally pleased with the results, “I really value the perspective that Capital Group brings to supporting our mission. They proactively propose ways to make the complex simple, and then move quickly to produce a working solution.”

Curtis Porter, Capital Group CEO, added “We take immense pride in our commitment to leveraging best practices and technology to enhance the business processes of the Federal Aviation Administration. By fostering a deep understanding of our customers' unique requirements and conducting the appropriate analysis, we continually look to provide simplified, streamlined, and highly efficient solutions.”