Capital Awarded Contract to support FAA’s Fleet Modernization Program

August 2022

Capital Group is pleased to announce the awarded a contract with Federal Aviation Administration to support the Enterprise Services Directorate and FAA Flight Program Operations organization in the modernization of its aircraft fleet.  Under the Enterprise Services & Fleet Modernization Program Management Support Services contract, Capital Group will provide strategy development, program, acquisition, and financial management support to assist FAA in replacing its aging fleet, minimizing fleet diversity and improving FAA’s operating cost.    “The Capital Group team is excited about the opportunity to advance the FAA’s objectives to modernize its aircraft fleet.  Our experts are poised to assist the FAA’s Flight Program Operations group to achieve its mission for flight inspections, aviation safety training, R&D and disaster response transportation.”  - Curtis Porter, President, Capital Group.

On March 5, 2021, FAA’s Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer, Teri Bristol recognized the success of the program:  

“We quickly realized that more wasn’t necessarily better. We had more than 10 different training requirements, and a cadre of pilots who ideally should be qualified in no more than two types of aircraft. We also had an aging fleet that required multiple supply chains for maintenance and repairs. Some of our aircraft were so old that replacement parts were starting to become obsolete except by using expensive aftermarket vendors.  So we went to work rightsizing our fleet. We eliminated some of our oldest aircraft. We have approved a two-phased fleet modernization program… and we’ll have aircraft that can be used for more than one mission.

An important benefit is that streamlined training and maintenance processes also translate into heightened safety. That’s the best return on investment that we can hope for!

Thanks to everyone in our Flight Program Operations service unit, as well as the Program Management Organization, who are thinking smartly to maximize our investment and make our fleet more efficient and safe.”